free traxxx

i’ve mentioned rcrd lbl before, that awesome source of free’n’legal mp3s, but i’ve come across a couple of other giveaways online today.

beatport are giving away five tracks from artists who played at this year’s sónar festival in barcelona – moderat, richie hawtin, animal collective, martyn ft the spaceape and marcel dettmann – while felix da housecat has a new track he’s giving away entitled we all wanna be prince. it’s true.


meanwhile i’m currently downloading the 20 tracks from wilco‘s ashes of american flags dvd. 174mb! nice one. i picked up (the album) today and thought the album artwork was all a bit bizarre – the cd itself is a a birthday cake awash with orange – but then i realised they rarely go for boring artwork. remember the moon with the mouth? the marina city buildings? jeff wailing on the inside of being there? it’s always interesting…


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