nostalgia part two

for some bizarre reason i want to continue with the nostalgia buzz. as i was walking home from a friend’s place early morning on sunday, in the blazing sunshine, i was brought back to the time of my work experience in a neighbour’s accounting firm at the age of 16. i had some extra money in my pocket one day, was in town, and decided to splurge on this release, sasha‘s xpander ep, which cost (at the time) a staggering £7.99. for a single! it had the full length version of xpander, a track which i had initially dismissed (for a time interested only in the ferry corsten school of trance), as well as an epic slow-burner by the name of baja. i had discovered this tune by way of red jerry’s deep & chilled euphoria earlier that year, a compilation which also introduced me to leftfield‘s melt (see here) and coldcut‘s autumn leaves (the irresistible force remix, natch, though it wasn’t credited as such). as i walked along castlewood avenue all those years ago i listened to the full 12 minutes of baja for the first time, and, unlike autumn leaves, which evoked feelings of loss and heartbreak and made perfect sense in the cold climes of january, it made so much more sense in the glorious sunshine of a may morning.

reminded of this occasion last sunday i decided to abandon what i was listening to at the time (by chance, leftism) and see if i had the ep on my ipod. i did! well, the two tracks mentioned at any rate. while i wasn’t transported back in time in the manner i had expected, i paid much more attention to the sonic textures at play in the first track than i ever had before, as well as realising the second was not as emotionally loaded as i had thought. i guess the flipside of nostalgia is always going to be disappointment. which is what i felt when i finally saw the man dj for the first time at lovebox two years ago. irrespective of that, xpander still sounds pretty amazing, so the exercise was not in vain. i’ve taken the euphoria compilation out of its hiding, and rather than rip it and put it on my ipod, i’m listening to it through old tinny earphones on on the only discman i can find in this mess of a room. next week, i’ll only talk about music that hasn’t been made yet by bands that don’t exist yet.

Sasha – Xpander
Sasha – Baja


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