what more can i say


i thought the wale track with lady gaga was alright, but this remix by canada’s skratch bastid takes it to new levels of awesomeness. it’s like that unreleased soulwax remix of daft punk is playing at my house, where they dropped tiny bits of daft punk tracks throughout. check out the video here, and read what the man himself has to say:

For my latest mixtape, “110%”, I decided to remix Wale’s first major label single “Chillin” f/ Lady Gaga. For the remix, I wanted to go with something more organic to make it different than the 808- & synth-heavy original. To keep it DC, I sampled a break from go-go band Trouble Funk’s “Let’s Get Small”, which Boogie Down Productions used on their classic “Criminal Minded”. From there, I layered 2 other breaks that BDP used in that song (Isaac Hayes’ “Breakthrough” and Syl Johnson’s “Different Strokes”) and added some more samples and loops to accompany certain lines that Wale raps. The result is an uptempo, mega-mix style remix, suitable for the clubs, the jeeps, the streets, bar mitzvahs, weddings and ipods. 110%!

which means you’ve got snippets of kick in the door, top billin and paper planes among others.

Wale ft Lady Gaga – Chillin (Skratch Bastid Remix) (link updated)


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