these things really come in cycles… at the moment some dudes on the erol alkan forum are cooking up remixes of darude‘s sandstorm. i’m not quite sure why… i just got an email from bullet train records, and one of their new tracks is a cover of tina moore‘s never gonna let you go… a vocal sample of that was taken and looped and relooped ad nauseam for double 99‘s rip groove, which i remember coming ahead of wiseguysooh la la on some ibiza compilation a decade ago… the wiseguys was a front for one theo keating, now runnin’ tings as fake blood. back in march erol cheekily led me astray in march when he suggested that a fake blood remix was making big noise in miami – a remix of darude’s sandstorm… ok this is all quite tenuous but whatever. i always wondered why they blurred out the gun in this video…

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