i’m back

i’ve been completely slacking on my blog this week, but hey i took some time off after exams and then had to pack up a year of my life and get the flock out of preston. so i have to re-up on my innanet game, forgive me. i just got this banging joe and will ask? remix of milke, it’s a huge summery synthy monster that will probably go down a treat at festivals across europe this summer. check it out here. i know i said i’d have the interview i did with these guys up a while back but everything seems to have gotten in the way – tomorrow! for definite.

there are so many good gigs coming up in dublin, it’s insane – probably not a good time for me to come back if i want to be in any way productive, but oh well. it’s looking like this (and i can’t even make all of these):

june 5 – shadow dancer (live), kennedy’s
june 5 – kormac and dj yoda @ mud, the twisted pepper
june 5 – style of eye, think tank
june 6 – jokers of the scene @ transmission, the button factory
june 6 – jesse rose @ pogo, the twisted pepper
june 12 – dj falcon @ drop, wax/spy
june 13 – optimo & shock all day party @ toejam, the bernard shaw (free!)
june 13 – joe and will ask? @ transmission, the button factory
june 13 – optimo @ pogo, the twisted pepper
june 20 – âme @ pogo, the twisted pepper
june 27 – xxxchange @ transmission, the button factory

i just can’t deal with all of this. i guess it all comes down to who will give me guestlist 😉 also major props to shock aka jon averill who has a major hand in many of the above gigs. what a dude.

ps go out and vote tomorrow!


2 responses to “i’m back

  1. shadow dancer and jokers of the scene this weekend for me!

    • i will see you there tonight so. not going out at all tomorrow – almost relieved if you get me 😀

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