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ten for tuesday

another top 10. niall’s got his up too. someone should put together some sort of centralised hub of irish blogger top 10s… anyway.

1 Bag Raiders – Shooting Star
2 Kelis ft Too $hort – Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)
3 Dominique Young Unique – Music Time
4 Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back
5 DJ Tameil – Bump Like This
6 3 Degrees – Jump The Gun (Dublinbusdisco Edit)
7 Afro Medusa – Pasilda (ATFC Remix)
8 Lily Allen – It’s Not Fair (Style of Eye Remix)
9 Ark – Sucubz (Mr. Oizo Remix)
10 Michael Jackson – Human Nature

i know what won’t be appearing in my top 10 – any of the remixes of hey. just give us the original already!

nostalgia? what’s that?

i read an interesting piece about nostalgia in the sunday times culture section (a day late, as usual). the writer said that she felt nothing when she heard that a band she loved as a teen would be (kind of) reforming. any performance now would only fall short of her expectations. instead she could turn to youtube or spotify and relive her teenage excitement. so that got me thinking whether or not i’d ever feel nostalgic for today’s music.

obviously i’m not a teen anymore, but still, music is as important to me today as it ever was a decade ago. while album’s like dre‘s 2001, eminem‘s the marshall mathers lp and all of jay-z‘s albums as far as the black album were fixtures in my various cd players over the years, few albums have remained in my ears for as long in recent times. maybe as a result of music becoming so available it’s become that bit more disposable. while there are a few albums that have warranted repeated listening, few seem imbued with the sort of joy and pain that true nostalgia evokes.

i guess the only track this year that has anything along those lines is tonight by the juan maclean. i wrote the following in a review a few months ago…

Tonight, the album’s centrepiece, drifts through on a host of melancholic instrumentation, as acid basslines are topped off with mournful trumpets and out of tune pianos, while Nancy Whang sings of “all the love in this place.”

something about that horn that comes in about two minutes in will always make me think of circling a roundabout on a number 67 (or 68) bus as i arrived at eccles during my my work placement earlier this year. that was maybe my second time hearing it, and already i felt like it was a piece of music i’d known and loved for years. haunting, beautiful, evocative… i could go on. i won’t.

The Juan MacLean – Tonight


one for the heads who remember


i was shocked last night when xxxchange dropped jaydee‘s plastic dreams and people around me didn’t recognise it. i always thought it was some sort of classic. it’s been around donkeys years (it first appeared in 1992) and it seems to get remixed or re-released every other year. i first came across it as late as 2003 on steve lawler‘s lights out compilation vol 2, not a great set of mixes but it introduced me to this classic piece of percussive house music. it’s dark, swirling and hypnotic, and i really think everyone should hear it. what i’ve posted is a rip from that lawler mix, but it recently appeared on the awesome r&s compilation in order to dance, both in its original incarnation and remixed by audion.

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Future 2003 Mix)(Lawler Nip ‘N Tuck Edit)

everything sounds better autotuned

i tweeted about this interview earlier on. i figured it was worth blogging about. the guy who created autotune accepts no responsibility for the suckiness of all the autotuned crap out there.

I just give people a tool. I don’t tell them how to use it.

I think some people did some stuff that some people are getting tired of hearing.

That’s not me. I didn’t do it. I’m innocent!

hey at least he can be thankful for this slice of awesomeness – shorty!

me chewns

so here’s my set from last night. i’m going to be a bit arrogant and make it my mix of the weekend. ha. check here for a tracklist. quiet night out tonight, if that’s possible. rainy dublin + friday night = streets jammed with taxis. hmmph.

haido – Soundcheck 2009-06-25

Soundcheck Poster June 25

tonight’s set

i had fun. weird hearing “the news” while i was playing, but hey i’m not going to get into that. apparently the dj before me played my girls too – i was so close to playing brother sport or the dam funk remix of summertime clothes, but of course i had to pick the obvious one… walking on a dream got a lot of love. abletonising will follow.

Major Lazer ft Mr Vegas & Jovi Rockwell – Can’t Stop Now
Animal Collective – My Girls
Le Tigre – Deceptacon (DFA Remix)
Bag Raiders – Shooting Star
Yuksek ft Amanda Blank – Extraball (Breakbot Remix)
Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better
Empire of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn
Daft Punk – Face to Face
The Juan MacLean – No Time
Passion Pit – The Reeling (Sammy Bananas’ Big Choon Remix)
Inner City – Big Fun
Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back
Britney Spears – If U Seek Amy (U-Tern Remix Instrumental)
Digital Hustle – Disco Chaos
Kelis ft Too $hort – Bossy (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Remix)
Chromeo – Tenderoni
XXXChange – Our Love
Eli Escobar – Papa
Fully Fitted – Shake It

XXXChange Interview


To say I’m excited about XXXChange‘s upcoming show at Transmission would be a massive understatement. Over the last few years, few other DJs and producers have impressed me as much as this man, as he effortlessly switches genres and styles without ever suffering a drop in quality. He first came to my attention as the producer in chief for Spank Rock‘s Yoyoyoyoyo in 2006, and since then his remixes have been a permanent fixture in any of my sets or mixes. Disco remixes of Pase Rock and Thom Yorke (his own personal favourite); funky reworkings of Björk and CSS; full on rave banger remixes of The Virgins, Bloc Party and Panda Bear. Not to mention his collection of re-edits with buddies Devlin and Darko as part of the Fully Fitted crew.

As a DJ he first caught my attention with the riotous Spank Rock contribution to the Fabriclive series, but it was his guest spot on Tim Sweeney‘s Beats In Space show that truly showed his versatility and willingness to eschew any sense of genrefication. While DJs like Diplo and A-Trak explore genres and throw together hip-hop and electro, XXXChange is more likely to look for some 70s disco or 80s punk. See Voila, his mix with Chris Rockswell. Featuring tracks from ESG and Led Zeppelin alongside Destiny’s Child and, of course, Spank Rock, it is a musical journey unlike any other. Alex himself cites this, alongside Couche Tard, another mix done with Chris, has his favourite mix project. “Hopefully we’ll do another one of these soon. The Fabric one was a royal pain in the butt because you have to license all the songs and we usually like to be pretty free and unrestricted about what material we use, and also we really like to put in a ton of records, which the licensing process doesn’t allow for.”

Since Yoyoyoyoyo his work with Spank Rock has calmed down, as Naeem (Spank Rock’s hyperactive frontman) branched out and worked with Benny Blanco on the 2 Live Crew-influenced Bangers and Cash EP: “I don’t travel with them on tour anymore but I’m still helping out in the studio. Naeem wanted to retain a little more creative control over the project for this album so I’m just trying to help him out whenever he gets stuck.” Which I guess means there’s a new Spank Rock album in the mix – something to look forward to. As for his own solo work, it’s also on the way. “I’m working on a solo LP right now except I seem to be constantly in the studio working on other people’s stuff. so I think it might take quite a while to finish it up.” As well as that there’s a 12” due this summer on Turntable Lab, and if it’s anything like his production work to date it’s something worth waiting for.

While his own work hits the blogs on a regular basis, there’s an abundance of material splattered across the internet almost every day. How is it possible to separate the wheat from the chaff when there’s so much to get through? “I think the amount of stuff that’s worth checking out is about the same as it’s always been. Since most of us find out about music from the internet the absolute glut of information can be overwhelming. I find it’s a bit easier to just wait a few months and see what rises to the top, see what people are still talking about. Obviously with DJing you need to be on top of new music so it’s nice to find a few good sources to filter the information for you, there’s a few good music blogs and also you can look at different DJ’s playlists, whose taste you trust, to find out about new stuff too.”

Surely someone like XXXChange will be a little but more discerning than most: “As far as what it takes to impress me it’s just when you hear someone doing something original and taking risks etc. I’m not really interested in scenes.”

When it comes to his own DJ sets, Alex takes each night as it comes. “Usually I just try and play stuff that I’m feeling at the moment! But of course it depends on who’s in the room. In Europe I usually end up playing more electro and house type stuff which you can’t always do in the US.” So I guess that means that come Saturday, we’ll be hearing more rave than slow-burning disco. And you know, who ever said that was a bad thing.

Meanwhile, check out these XXXChange mixes, one put together just this month, and another live in the mix on Authentic Shit, enjoy the laughs from Eli, Pasey Pase and angry man Rocktacon.

XXXChange Live In The Mix on Authentic Shit, East Village Radio 2008-08-01
XXXChange – Quickie Mix 2009-06-05