my last kopa mix…

my dad came and took a lot of my stuff away from preston, so i’m now without my hard drive or my midi controller so hopefully that will mean i’m a little less distracted in the face of exams. anyway, this is the last mix i did in this delightful little room on the eighth floor in a private/university-affiliated hall of residence… enjoy. massive shoutout to my boy shortie whose schizofonics crew are making serious noise right now.

haido – Bangurs

Chromeo – Lather Up
Mr Oizo – Steroids (Mr Oizo Remix)
Jaimie Fanatic – Suckaz They Don’t Know
Mustard Pimp – Zombie’s Revenge (Schizofonics Mix)
DJ Tameil – Beat Dat DJ
Diplo – Wassup Wassup (DJ Sega Remix)
DJ Sega – Seg’s Theme
Blaqstarr – Hands Up Thumbs Down (High Powered Boys Remix)
Nick Verwey – Carpet Walled House
Kid Sister – I’ll House You (Reebok Classic ’09)
Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Edu K Remix)
Schizofonics – Shake That Thing
Make The Girl Dance – Coachella Ma Pute
Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. – Bang (Nacey Remix)
Sydney Samson – Riverside (Extended Mix)
NT89 – Combo (Demo Mix)
Rob Threezy – Xplosion
Docipede – Glock ‘n’ Roll
Don Rimini – Karate

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