i read the news today, oh boy

over the past eight months i’ve heard conflicting things about the future of journalism – newspapers are dying! newspapers will live forever! the internet eats newspapers! subbing encourages lazy journalism! – so i really don’t know where i stand on the issue. i like using the internet, and it’s great to have instant news updates, but there’s nothing that beats a good newspaper with lots of sections you can pull out and read today, tomorrow, next wednesday etc, and you can’t bring your laptop into the toilet for a read now can you… tmi? ok anyway…

i got so many laughs and words of insight reading the guardian today, that i just wouldn’t have found if i’d solely read it all online. russell brand’s hilarious football column, insightful interviews with alan shearer and rio ferdinand, a trip into the mind of elly of la roux – described as “a new rave Tilda Swinton fresh from mugging Flock Of Seagulls for their fringes” – and lots more which i’ll no doubt uncover over the next few days. and to think, they do this every week! i sound like i’m advertising the bloody thing.

my point is that much as i love online reporting, both from the broadsheets and from bloggers etc, i do love a good paper. oh and my dad brought me the ticket from home this morning and i got really excited reading about the films at cannes – particularly broken embraces and thirst.

em so there’s nothing to do with music here (except la roux i guess) so here’s a song that relates in some way to newspapers…


6 responses to “i read the news today, oh boy

  1. Our tastes differ in what we like to see between and on the printed pages, but I thoroughly agree with the point of your post. thanks for this!

  2. Have to agree, today in particular (well, yesterday, since it is technically Monday now). Sunday isn’t Sunday without having enough bits of paper to last you through breakfast, lunch and dinner. I tend to have a good read of the property and business sections, neither of which I would go near on the Internet most of the time. And as for my fave section, the Births, Marriages and Deaths, well you just don’t get that kind of thing online!

    On an entirely different note, mam was only saying the other night when she saw the Bulletproof vid that she thought La Roux looked like Tilda Swinton! My 4 year old cousin thought Tilda Swinton was me on the telly once (back when I had the red gruaig)…. therefore, I = La Roux. Obv?

  3. em, i’m gonna have to so no to that one… 😛

    as for the hatch match and dispatch, well i only discovered this in january, but there’s actually a site dedicated to the last part, called, quite tastefully i think you’ll agree, http://www.rip.ie

  4. Russell, your comment ended up lost in my spam queue somehow. bear in mind that i’m taking things like news and so on as a given, one particular story that jumped out at me was this one about the rise of Latin in state schools.

    thanks for reading!

  5. Is it awful that I’d never heard the phrase “hatch, match, dispatch” before? I’m obviously more sheltered than I thought! Love it though! Also, rip.ie is our new favourite website now, we’ve already checked out all the deaths in the village this year :-/

  6. More La Roux ?

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