Daily Archives: 20/05/2009

boo boo

i live on the eighth floor here, and for the last month or so i’ve taken to walking down the stairs and getting the lift up. this means that on my downward journeys i sometimes get a bit dizzy, as i tend to hurry just a little bit. what made matters worse earlier, as i went to collect my clothes from the dryer across the courtyard, was the stench of lynx africa. hmmm… anyway, here’s a weird pic of dj ayres… maybe he can smell the lynx too.

i hate transcribing interviews. so painstakingly boring. well no the actual interview itself is interesting, but listening to it over and over again? not so much…


WHOA – jokers of the scene remix of rob threezy on the fader. i’m very excited about seeing these guys soon. check it.

i got the finest protein stacked on my plate

i love the way it took me nearly two years to reach 100 posts on my last blog and after less than two months here i’m on 50. taking things seriously ftw. anyway i hate the smell of lynx, it reminds me of school trips and those awkward teenage years, but their advertising, if a little puerile, always seems to make me smile. the latest ad even features a track diplo sampled when he remixed spank rock‘s similarly juvenile put that p***y on me in 2006.

The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
Spank Rock – Put That P***y On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix)

EDIT: it seems from my stats that people were clicking links to porn from my blog – and the only logic i can find is that wordpress generated some nasty links to go with this post – hence the stars…