Daily Archives: 18/05/2009

lather up!

i really love chromeo. needy girl is one of the best songs in recent years, their remixes of feist and treasure fingers are simply wondrous, and watching them in interviews they just come across as the coolest dudes around. then i saw this.

yes, there they are on yo gabba gabba! extolling the virtues of cleanliness, managing to make even washing your hands cool (or sexy, if you’re a girl). i was wandering through myspace today and i found the above track in their player. they call it yo gabba joint, but i’ve renamed it very clean boy. oh yeah.

Chromeo – Very Clean Boy

also shout out to ben white of squeaky bleeps for getting his asher roth remix featured on the mad decent blog. holla!

devil got ninety thousand women, he just needs one more

i recently read peter guralnick‘s searching for robert johnson, an essay which explores the legend surrounding the mythical bluesman. it’s taken a while, but i’ve finally got my hands on the old school blues, a double sided affair which offers one disc of johnson’s music and another of tracks by his contemporaries. it’s an interesting listen, and it makes sense of many of guralnick’s words. what immediately stood out to me, however, was what must be the best song title i’ve ever come across. it really speaks for itself…

Lonnie Johnson – She’s Making Whoopee in Hell Tonight