haven’t had time to blog today – exam time… currently taking a break and watching last year’s adulthood. i enjoyed kidulthood, at least in the sense that i thought it was an impressive piece of work. it’s quite unsettling, and it really makes you wonder about what turns people into that kind of monster.

we’ve just had a moment that was a bit la haine. but hey, nothing compares to la haine… anyway. like its predecessor, it’s got some proper tunes innit blood, including dizzee‘s awesome sirens from 2007. check out paul devro‘s bmore refix too. miles better than bonkers (sorry armand)…

Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (Paul D Obivious Re-Edious) (sic)


2 responses to “blurt!

  1. Kidulthood and Adulthood are both very impressive films; Adulthood especially, considering Noel Clarke didn’t want to direct it but ended up having to.

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