the wasted years

sunday has always been my least favourite day. the fear of monday hangs over it like a black cloud, and i never really seem to accomplish anything. tis a horrible day that sums up the failings of all other days. as you can tell i’m in a good mood!


the hood internet do some crazy mashups, a lot of which should never have seen the light of day, but some of which are actually genius. last year i really enjoyed their lil mama/mstrkrft mash – i never thought i’d have chris brown in a mix but i guess you have to be open to all possibilities. speaking of chris brown, have you seen this? whoa… anyway i really dig their fleet foxes/beyoncé mash, even though i know i shouldn’t. two brilliant songs put together like a pig and an elephant, it sounds better than you’d imagine…

ABX – Single Foxes (Put A Wood In It)


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