lack of funds means i will not be going to the nme tour date in preston tonight. this is disappointing, as i’d really been looking forward to seeing heartbreak. their resident advisor mix from last autumn was something special, with its dirty italian grooves and horror film soundtrack music. they even kick things off with the opening lines of dario argento’s tenebrae, how awesome! it’s a bit funky, it’s a bit cheesy, it’s all completely fun, so you should definitely have a listen.

RA.118 Heartbreak (2008-09-01)

1. Heartbreak – We’re Back – Lex Records
2. (Extract from Dario Argento’s Tenebre overlayed)
3. The Why Not – Comet 059 – Max Music
4. X-Ray Connection – Get Ready – Break Records
5. Blind Date – Your Heart Keeps Burning – Ariola
6. Harold Faltermeyer – Shoot Out – MCA Records
7. Bochum Welt – Saint (Heinrich Mueller – Z Version) – Rephlex
8. (Extract from John Carpenter’s The Fog)
9. Ali Renault – Lacrimal – Dissident
10. Xenon – Xenon Galaxy – Radius
11. Muravchix – Tropical Warrior – Dissident
12. Junior Rafael Presents Darkroom Trax – Drug Me – Mighty Robot
13. Steve Pointdexter – Whiplash – Muzique Records
14. Farley “Jackmaster” Funk – Jack the Bass – Trax / Heartbreak – Give Me Action – Lex
15. Japanese Telecom – Kubi – Intuit-Solar
16. Drexciya – Aquatic Beta Particles – Rephlex / Heartbreak – Robot’s Got the Feeling – Lex
17. Rude 66 – As (Nicolas Courtin Remix) – Crème Organization
18. Queen Samantha – Take a Chance – T.K. Disco / Heartbreak – Akin to Dancing – Lex
19. Alex Valentini – Beautiful Life (Flemming Dalum Edit) – Moustache
20. Vicio Latino – Que Me Pasa, Que Me Pasa? – Epic
21. (Extract from John Carpenter’s Dark Star)

as always, ra has some interesting interviews for your reading pleasure, with laurent garnier, dj hell, and sis, the man behind the monstrous trompeta.

For me personally, I don’t care whether one uses vinyl or a laptop, as long as he puts some effort in it and not just stands there synchronizing two tracks in Traktor with a mouse. Even my grandmother could do that.


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