Daily Archives: 06/05/2009

what’s the opposite of dramatic irony?


after years of hearing about it, i finally watched irréversible last night. i’ve had 24 hours to think about it and i still don’t know what to say. it’s such a horrific piece of work, that mere description neither does the film nor the subject matter justice. what is baffling is how the film moves from a case of senseless violence in a pit of depravity to a beautiful picture of happiness and expectation. i imagine, since that’s all i can do, that this drastic shift in mood, tempo and everything other emotion, is even more realistic than the awful rape scene that is the film’s centrepiece.

on a lighter note, the music in the film is is provided by one thomas bangalter, better known to the rest of the world as half of daft punk. the party scene, soundtracked by famous tracks of his like spinal scratch and outrun, is imbued with a sense of horror as the viewer is painfully aware of what will follow, at least chronologically. i first came across the dark and angry night beats on james lavelle‘s first contribution to the global underground series, long before i had any idea where it originated. even more terrifying is rectum, which accompanies the frantic search through the club of the same name. it’s haunting, nauseating, and brilliant.

Thomas Bangalter – Night Beats
Thomas Bangalter – Rectum

i’m also just about to finish season two of the wire, and i love the way the greek keeps on keeping himself off the radar. at the same time, i hate the way spiros’ accent changes, becomes more greek, throughout the season. it bugs me. anyway continuing with the film score theme (sorry), have a listen to the short instrumental piece that closes every episode. it’s heartbreaking.

Blake Leyh – The Fall