round round round…

whenever big 90s house tracks come on in pubs/clubs i always delight in telling the people i’m with that x or y was involved in this or that track. take de’lacy’s hideaway. a huge track which pretty much everyone knows. what many people don’t know is that it was the deep dish remix, or should i say the ali needs to score mix, that hit the charts back in 95. just the other night i was in preston’s adelphi when the dj put on sandy b’s make the world go round – another 90s classic remixed by deep dish.

so sharam has gone on to define cheese house of the worst order, and dubfire (the aforementioned ali) is now making flavour of the month minimal (why would anyone ever think it necessary to remix spastik?) – the boys have a legacy that nothing they do will ever take away.

so imagine my surprise when i see a track by hoxton whores (awful name dudes) called devil toy on the top of the beatport chart. it pretty much rips off world go round wholesale. it’s a top tune, on the right side of that whole big room minimal electro bleepy stuff, and i think in the right setting it would make a crowd go berserk. that said, credit where credit’s due…

De’Lacy – Hideaway (Ali Needs To Score Mix)
Sandy B – Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Remix)
Hoxton Whores – Devil’s Toy (Main Mix)


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