don’t really have anything life-altering to blog about today. was at word soup last night, the first in a series of live lit nights organised by preston writing network. i was inspired to write more, but i don’t really have the time to devote to fiction right now. i’ve never been that good at fiction, but i think i’ll give it a shot some time soon. for now, have some haikus.

i sit at my desk
twitter keeps on twittering
maybe i should sleep

we’re not all perfect
spelling mistakes aren’t that bad
i need to relax

james murphy is great
here comes the new stylish creep
more lcd please

i was going to post a youtube for on repeat but i’ll post this instead… last week i was playing scrabble (i’m all about words these days) and i got this combination…


and then when i went to look for lcd on youtube the first video in their recommended for you panel was this video of diplo… at studio b


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