please forgive them

i could probably tweet about this but i think it deserves more attention. i love booka shade. body language, mandarine girl and night falls are all bangers, and the sun & the neon light was easily in my top five albums last year. they’re playing tripod this friday, so i’m a bit mad i won’t be in town, and, as previously mentioned, they’ve just done a sweet as resident advisor podcast. arriving back to a super efficient internet connection in preston, i’ve finally had a chance to listen to it. it’s excellent. of course i don’t recognise anything, but it’s all beautiful dreamy space techno that will probably get a lot of listens this summer. and then, right out of nowhere, comes david gray. david gray. trying not to swear here people. and you know what’s worse? i could be imagining it, and i can’t say i’m familiar enough with the song to swear by it, but it seems to me that, at around 45.52 the booka boys have added claps and synths. oh my. just no. you can’t polish a turd…

in other news relating to gigs i’ll miss, mad decent’s blaqstarr is playing crawdaddy on the 29th. don’t miss the isaac hayes of bmore when he plays antics with chewy. and to get you in the mood, check out his mix with rye rye over on discobelle.


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