when the spring arrived we were taken by surprise

i’ve been a really big death cab fan for the last few years, and sometimes i have to take a break and then gorge on some of their albums before i really remember how great they are. transatlanticism is one of the most perfect albums i know, and bar a song or two plans gets better and better with each listen. i feel i haven’t given narrow stairs enough time, but i know that every time i put it on i’ll be impressed.

i will possess your heart was a real bolt from the blue, as its four minute rumbling bass-led intro broken is by ben gibbard’s lyrics, which are so naked on the track it almost feels as if he’s in the same room singing to me. the lyrics veer on the side of morbid, as he chillingly utters “there are days when outside your window i see my reflection as i slowly pass.” it’s almost like a more forceful version of imogen heap‘s say goodnight and go.

the b-side to the single is a demo of album-closer the ice is getting thinner, a delicate breakup song that sorrowfully speaks of lost love that has withered with the seasons. my rip has a tiny skip, but i think that adds to the crackly beauty of it all.

Death Cab For Cutie – The Ice Is Getting Thinner (Demo)


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