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…and the sky is grey

the weather’s been really horrible today. proper rainy. at times like this i really envy my brother living in la. not the rest of the time obviously… a few minutes ago there was a beautiful wash of sunshine across preston, or at least the preston i can see out my window (deepdale included), but now it’s gone. oh, it’s back. orange and balmy.

my review of last night’s show is here. check it. and this is the tee i picked up. it does say “the juan maclean”, honest…


i’m waiting for the young lovers cd (aka hervé) to arrive in the post, and i can feel a lengthy blog coming about that one. in the meantime, enjoy this album sampler – it’s blindingly good.

put me on yo guestlist

i’m really loving this album from thunderheist. i keep thinking spank rock only female. isis = naeem, grahm = xxxchange. they first came to my attention through eli‘s remix of sweet 16, or was it the nacho lovers remix of jerk it, either way, the album is really sweet. funky, glitchy, nasty, it’s all good. i’m hearing references and allusions to dead prez, nelly (remember him?), all sorts of hip-hop across the spectrum, but it’s got that poppy electro sound that’s bound to get heads nodding and feet tapping.

Thunderheist – LBG (Little Booty Girl)

who’s that

cleaning out my camera before juan tonight, just found these pics…

my lovely girlfriend wearing a little boots tee, march 09


the pub across the road from my halls, april 09



i’m a huge wilco fan. last time they played dublin i went both nights. i pretty much turned down a job offer so i wouldn’t miss either show. but i haven’t listened to them too much lately because they have a tendency to evoke some pretty strong emotions in me, and having experienced some personal tragedy this year that’s not really a road i go down too willingly. even so, i’m excited about the fact that they’re playing vicar street again in august, i’m excited about the fact that they’re working with feist, and i’m excited about the fact that their forthcoming album has a title, even if it is a ridiculous title. wilco (the album). ok.

here are some videos i’ve recorded of them over the last few years…

lollapalooza 2006

vicar street 2007

electric picnic 2008

the future will come

bleugh. could not sleep last night at all so i read chris killen‘s the bird room. quite bizarre really. thoroughly enjoyable but bizarre. anyway…

going to see the juan maclean tonight at the deaf institute in manchester. i haven’t been to nearly enough gigs since moving across the water, least of all in manchester. this year i’ve been to two gigs and seen five djs. all of the djs were in dublin. shocking. anyway i’m really looking forward to the gig, as the future will come is shaping up to be my favourite album of 2009. i know it’s only april, but it’s just so good.


check this out – bobby analog threw down a crazy glitch mix on bbc northern ireland’s across the line last night – all the info about the man is in the track. the mix itself is full of hollerboard anthems, all mixed to perfection. check out the mix as it appeared on radio, or here it is in its original form.

Cerrone – Give Me Love
Soulwax – Krack
Tiga – You Gonna Want Me
SeSa – Like This Like That (Count & Sinden Remix)
Pase Rock – Get Money Kids
Mr Oizo – Cut Dick
DJ Mehdi – Tunisia Bambaataa
Stardust – Music Sounds Better
Little Boots – Meddle
Jesse Rose – Touch My Horn
Sizzla – Pump Up (Acapella)
Sis – Trompeta
Dance Area – AA 24-7 (Acapella)
Nacho Lovers – Acid Life (Eli Escobar Remix)
Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Acapella)
Nacho Lovers – Acid Life (Surkin Remix)
A-Trak & Laidback Luke – Shake It Down
Bird Peterson – Pete Goes Off
Nadastrom – Pussy
La Roux – In For The Kill (Hostage Remix)

for more on bobby check out his myspace, and listen to this mix he did for crossfaded bacon‘s 1st and 15th series – an impeccable breeze through outkast‘s discography.


despite the fact that sometimes they’re not that well made, or they’re pretty thin plot-wise, i love good horror films. i’ve seen some awful ones, and there’s a whole genre out there right now that doesn’t really float my boat (the saws, hostels etc), but when they’re good, they’re great. and it’s not because of the gore – that’s purely incidental. one of my favourites is the texas chainsaw massacre, in which very little visceral horror is shown. another is the wicker man, which is a completely different kind of terror.

a few years ago i watched dario argento‘s suspiria for class, and i hated it. part of that may be down to the fact that i had just been hit with tonsilitis, but either way, i really hated it. the music was, of course, bizarre and haunting, but the film was, in my opinion, a big opulent and indulgent mess. i came across the theme tune a few times in 2007, in justine d‘s incredible rvng cd, and then again as smashing pumpkins graced the stage at pukkelpop. goblin also caught my attention that year as their theme tune for tenebrae, another of argento’s films, was used by french act justice in phantom and phantom pt ii. it was probably my favourite track of 07, so it’s some surprise that i’ve left it this long before watching the film.

well, there’s so much to say. i loved it. the wildly panning camera. the pages of the eponymous novel shoved in the first victim’s mouth. the fake blood. the fact that an axe flies through a window and chops off someone’s arm. it’s completely ridiculous, but all the better for it. watching a film made nearly 30 years ago one can easily slip into a frame of mind that thinks “this is dated, it looks crap” etc, but watching the film on its own terms makes for rewarding viewing.

on the subject of horror films, i have to mention the farm, irish director dáire mcnab’s debut feature the farm. it was recently shown in the ifi, and it really does what i think all horror films should do – it looks great. the overexposed exteriors as the lead characters drive around at the film’s opening. the subtle but swift shift from day to night. the potentially grating but ultimately thrilling use of night vision footage. all of these aspects lend to this film a level of artistry that sets it apart from other more mundane examples of the genre. check out the trailer here, and watch some of the opening minutes of the film here.

and for more irish horror, have a look at this video.

Goblin – Tenebrae (Main Title)
Justice – Phantom
Justice – Phantom Pt II